Modern Grunge

GRUNGE IS DEAD, or is it? Modern Grunge totally rocks out your photos with disheveled scratchy textures and tones, like those in the angst-filled lyrics of the grunge era, then contrasts them with modern ideas of the present using outlined borders, as well as cuts and rips created with finger gestures.

Grunge is filled with a sludgy guitar effect that can almost pass as a ’fuzz’ sound. But bringing that style into the modern era - is it possible? The answer is YES, and rock on! Modern Grunge does this by allowing you to draw heavy outlines around your subject choosing between simple cuts or ones deckled with beautiful madness; then allows you to adjust creations with an array of raw edgy textures and murky tones for an infinite combination of dirty photos with a timeless fashion statement.

Grunge rock artists went against the grain of the 80’s, so why shouldn’t you? Close your eyes; go back to the moment of unique guitar sounds and strong riffs, then let it flow from your fingertips to create a graphic atmosphere with your image so chords aren’t the only things being ripped. It’s all about the performance and your photograph is on stage, exposed, and ready to be transformed into a visual piece of art.

So who says grunge is dead? The era may have come to a close but the inspiration lives inside of flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and grungy photos.


• Get a quick start using premade grungies in the preset library. Use the “save” preset option to save your creations for future modifications or to apply it to other images.

• Experiment with infinite combinations of grungy scratches, pits and wear from a collection of two content libraries.

• Add or remove outlined borders, cuts and rips by drawing around your subject. Hold the “option” key down to toggle between add and remove outline.

• Choose between a “cut-in” look that gives the appearance of a photo with a hole cut through it but still allowing you to see the original image under; or the “cut-out” option which gives the appearance of part of your image torn away from the photo and pasted above the original. Both options can be done dynamically without redrawing the outline. 

• Apply grungy attributes to the torn out image and then adjust the grunginess on the one above or below for another level of creativeness. 

• Make your outlines, cuts and rips “pop” using shadow strength and height.

• Finish your grungy photo with a shady textured vignette that fades to black around the photo’s edge.

• Save your work or share them with your friends. 

• Modern Grunge retains the resolution of the original and saves your creation out in Full-Res.